Ground Works*

Foundations are the most important part of the building process and until they are laid no construction can start. We are able to offer a full range of ground work services from assessing the land, to laying the foundations, concrete floors, walls and setting in any drainage and pipework.

At the start of each project our experienced structural engineers are able to survey the land and recommend the best type of foundation for the ground and building type. We can also lay any drainage and pipework that may be required and in some instances the pathways and roads that will service the building.

We are meticulous in our work because we know that if the foundations are not properly installed, it could mean problems and additional costs later on in the project. If you are looking for an experienced company to get your building started then give us a call on 01799 540057 or fill in our online form.

*Please note that we only offer full groundwork services within a 60 miles radius of our Saffron Walden base.